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LayerOne 2008

Presenter: G. Mark Hardy
Topic: A Hacker Looks At 50
Slides: No Slides
Presenter: David Bryan
Topic: Reducing the Risks to VoIP
Slides: David’s Slides
Presenter: Strom Carlson
Topic: The Talk Talk
Slides: Strom’s Slides
Presenter: Adam Shostack
Topic: SDL Threat Modeling
Slides: Adam’s Slides
Presenter: Ryan Sherstobitoff
Topic: Stopping Malware
Slides: Ryan’s Slides
Presenter: Dan Sinclair
Topic: Exploit Me: Firefox Add-ons for PenTesting
Slides: Dan’s Slides
Presenter: David Hulton
Topic: Intercepting Mobile Phone/GSM Traffic
Slides: No slides
Presenter: Diane Barrett
Topic: Virtual Traces
Slides: Diane’s Slides
Presenter: John Benson, Esq.
Topic: When Lawyers Attack!
Slides: John’s Slides
Presenter: Datagram & Vidiot
Topic: Volatile Memory Forensics
Slides: Datagram & Vidiot’s Slides
Presenter: Luiz Eduardo
Topic: Echo )) WiFi (( Location
Slides: Luiz’s Slides
Presenter: DC949
Topic: Mixed Bag of FUn
Slides: Vyrus’ Slides
Slides: Merlin’s Slides

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