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Hebocon (Robot Battles)

Hebocon starts at 11:00 on Sunday in the Hardware Hacking Village!

Hebocon is a Robotic Battle for those on an extreme budget. Originating in Japan, it pits poorly constructed robots, modified electric toys and last-minute creations against one another in a Sumo-style arena.

How do I play?

Build a robot. A really terrible robot. You can either build your robot and bring it to the conference, or build it on-site in our renowned Hardware Hacking Village. There should be plenty of electronics rework equipment in the HHV, but feel free to bring some extras to guarantee that you have tools to work with or share with others. See below for full contest rules and restrictions for robot construction and operation.

Sign up on-site in the Hardware Hacking Village with your bot to participate!

How can I help others?

You can help by bringing building materials & spare electonics to share with others working on a bot. Very useful parts include: DC Motors (under 12v), batteries and battery holders, wires, super glue, hot glue guns, and etc. Remember – parts don’t need to be brand new. Crappy, sometimes unpredictable robots is kinda the point : ) Got a bin of parts sitting around your house, workshop, or hackerspace? Bring it and put it to good use: dying in glorious combat like all electronics are destined to do.

Contest Rules

    • Arena is 50cm x 100cm
    • Robots must fit within their half of arena (50cm x 50cm) at start of match
    • Matches are 1 minute in length
    • Tournament is a swiss-style competition to guarantee maximum playtime for all competitors!
    • Competition is Sumo-bot style, therefore the goal is for your robot to be moving in the arena while your opponent is not.
      • There are some restrictions on robots in size, weight, and technological candor.
      • Technological restrictions to be determined by judges on case by case basis during sign in for any “technology” used as method of robots performance in match. Robots should be as simple as possible, staying away from direct radio control or on board hardware that could be interpreted as “technologically advanced”
      • Don’t bring your 60lb pet rock
      • Don’t bring anything larger than your arena profile
      • Robots cannot have features specifically intended for causing irreversible damage to opponent robot.
  • Winning bots are awarded 10 points per match
  • Robots may be deducted points for any “technology” implemented
  • Points may be added by popular opinion at end of competition for unique or awesome robots and features
  • There will be 3 awards by points, 1 special mention awarded by judges, and an award for audience favorite.
  • Robot with the most points at the end of the competition wins