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LayerOne 2012

Presenter: John Norman
Topic: Physical Security: Bridging the Gap with Open Source Hardware
Presenter: Dan Tentler
Topic:Carpe Datum: Drinking from the espresso firehose we know as Shodan
Slides: n/a
Presenter: Robert R
Topic: Juice Jacking 101: Learning from Shenanigans
Slides: n/a
Presenter: DC 949 Research Team (C-P, Jeffball, Adam)
Topic: Codename Stiltwalker
Slides: n/a
Presenter: Aditya K Sood
Topic: Insidious Infections: Mangling with Botnets
Presenter: Vyrus & Frank^2
Topic: My Other Shellcode is the da Vinci Virus
Slides: n/a
Presenter: Datagram & Schuyler Towne
Topic: Disc-Detainer Lockpicking
Slides: n/a
Presenter: Karthik Raman
Topic: Selecting Features to Classify Malware
Presenter: Jon McCoy
Topic: Hacking .NET(C#) Applications: The Black Arts (v2)
Slides: n/a
Presenter: David Bryan
Topic: I pwned your router. Oops.
Presenter: Joe McCray
Topic: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments
Presenter: Jimmy Shah
Topic: Real Advances in Android Malware
Slides: n/a
Presenter: datagram & scorche
Topic: Safecracking 101 (Lockpicking Village)

Photos & Media
L1 Tamper Contest photos (Team Swift)
Flea’s L1 photos

Please contact us if you have any photos or write-ups of the conference! Also shoot us some mail to let us know what you thought of Layer One 2012, the contests, the villages, the talks, the parties, and how we can make all of them better for next year.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, we hope to see you all again in 2013!