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New for 2019: WiFi CTF – catch the Chicken Man!

Posted on 14 May 2019 by operator (0)

New for 2019! The Chicken Man Game is a low-cost WPA2 password cracking game designed by computer science students Kody Kinzie and Brandon Paiz at Pasadena City College to be a safe, reactive target for teaching Wi-Fi security. For less than $50, this game allows anyone to compete while learning W-Fi hacking tools using two ESP8266 microcontrollers programmed in Arduino and a Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux. To score points in the Chicken Man Game, each team must access a web interface hosted on the Wi-Fi network created by each “Chicken” after cracking the WPA password to select their team color. The game also gets harder as you play it and contains special easter eggs!

The Chicken Man runs Saturday and Sunday, May 25-26, 2019 and can be found in the Hardware Hacking Village. The Chicken Man is graciously hosted by Pasadena City College’s Leadership in Technology (@LITpcc) group!

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