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Known for our extremely hands-on, “learn by doing” atmosphere, LayerOne offers full one day trainings on Friday, May 24th, 2019. Click on any training title below to see pricing and training information!

Please read our Registration Terms and Conditions! All trainings take place on Friday, May 24, 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00. Training course registration include full access to the LayerOne 2019 Conference on May 25-26, 2019. All trainings are presented in English.

Training Registration

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Penetration Testing for Large Organizations

Presented By: datagram
Availability: OPEN

Hack like a pro and take down large networks! Learn the basics of red-teaming, penetration testing, and vulnerability analysis from two industry experts! This training covers: system and network recon, intel gathering, vulnerability identification and analysis, system exploitation, pivoting, privilege escalation, and more!

Incident Response and Threat Hunting with Wireshark

Presented By: Arnel Manalo
Availability: OPEN

Tired of being unsure how to track down bad guys on your networks? Not sure what tools to use? This training will take student’s Wireshark skills to the next level with a heavy emphasis on incident response, threat hunting, and malicious network traffic analysis.

Basic Memory Corruption: Introduction to Stack-based Exploitation

Presented By: Gabriel Ryan
Availability: CLOSED

Learn the essentials of memory corruption and binary exploitation! A must-have for those getting started with hacking, bug bounties, software development, software QA, and penetration testing! Instructor proceeds for this training go directly to Hackers for Charity!

Building and Maintaining Secure Active Directory Environments

Presented By: Hudson Bush
Availability: CLOSED

A major component of modern enterprise security is the proper congfiguration of your networks via Microsoft’s Active Directory. Poorly configured AD environments are often bigger holes than the latest and greatest hacking tools and techniques. Learn how to find and patch those holes in this hands-on course!

In & Out – Network Data Exfiltration Techniques

Presented By: Leszek Mis
Availability: CLOSED

Learn valuable skills for getting data out of a compromised network. A must have for seasoned penetration testers and red teamers looking to add something extra to their game.