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LayerOne 2021 starts TOMORROW!

Posted on 28 May 2021 by operator (0)

This weekend is LayerOne 2021! We’re fully virtual for this year and the event is free. We’re using a mixture of Discord and TwitchTV for all things.

Join our Discord!:
Follow our Twitch channel:

The main presentation track will be on Twitch and all other villages, discussions, contests, and events will be on Discord in their respective channels! What is there to do this year? We’re glad you asked.

  • 10 high-quality presentations about hacking, information security, and more! Check out the full list of speakers as well as the presentation schedule for more info. All main-track talks will be streamed on our TwitchTV channel! There is live Q&A after the talks on Discord in the “Talks (Q&A)” voice channel!
  • Capture the Flag (CTF): A no-holds barred hacking competition feature challenges categories of Cracking, Web, Cryptography, OSINT, Reversing, RF, PrivEsc, and more! Check out the #ctf channel on Discord for more info.
  • Cyber Gauntlet: Includes the Packet Inspector and Packet Detective events which are focused on network security and analysis, DFIR, and related topics! Check out the #cyber-gauntlet channel on Discord for more info.
  • The Intercept: A tour-de-force adventure in hardware hacking, signal processing, and side channel attacks against a custom-made embedded device. Unfortunately you needed to qualify to participate in this event, but you can follow everyone’s progress in #theintercept on Discord.
  • Lockpicking Village: Learn all about locks and lockpicking techniques! This village includes a sub-schedule of presentations – check it out!
  • RaiseMe Career Village: The vision for RaiseMe is to make career dreams come true. We serve the entire community — from newcomers to principal engineering talent, from tiny startups to well-established public corporations. Is there a role in security you wish you had but have no idea where to start to make that dream come true? If you want to make a career change, we want to help! Check out #raiseme on Discord for more info. This village includes a sub-schedule of presentations – check it out!
  • HAM Testing: Get your HAM certification remotely! Please note that you MUST register in advance for this.
  • Lots of awesome discussion, networking, and fun on Discord!

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