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LayerOne 2016 was awesome!

Posted on 02 June 2016 (0)

LayerOne 2016 was awesome! We got great feedback about the extra breathing space in the new hotel, the new Fail of Things event, Sam Bowne’s Hacking Workshop, and of course all of our regular events. How did you like everything this year? Please send us any feedback you have about the new hotel, presentations, villages, contests, and parties to contact{@} or via Twitter @Layer_One!

Thank you to all of this year’s attendees, speakers, staff, and our amazing sponsors. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Some photos from the events:

Amit Serper’s talk about OSX adware. Shrugging off anti-reversing protections all day.

Lots of exotic, high security locks in the Lockpicking Village.

Char and Pixel in the Lockpicking Village!

@cyber_viss unleashed.

The winning entries in the Tamper-Evident King of the Hill contest.

Great food and great company at the Saturday Night banquet dinner & Casino Night!

Winning big at this year’s Casino Night!

Glorious, sorta-functional robotic combat at the Hebocon Robot Battle Royale.

Chilling out with some Genie (1979) pinball in the Chillout Room.

Obligatory Hammer Jenga tournament, courtesy of the World Hammer Jenga Association (WHJA).

The LayerOne Staff

LayerOne 2016 has begun!

Posted on 28 May 2016 (0)

LayerOne is finally here! For those attending, registration starts at 09:00 in the area between the Grand Ballroom and the smaller meeting rooms. Breakfast is also in this area starting at 09:00. The first talk of the day is machinist with his awesome Photogrammetry (3D Imaging) talk! Most of the villages and contests also open at 10:00, check the conference schedule for more information.

For a full floorplan, check your conference programs or see the online floorplan.

Chat with us on Twitter @LayerOne and let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

The LayerOne Staff

2016 Contest Roundup

Posted on 27 May 2016 (0)

Looking for something fun to do at LayerOne outside of the numerous presentations and the parties? Read below for a breakdown of the major contest and events that you can participate in. Check the conference schedule for pertinent start and end times for each of the contests.

Thanks to everyone who pre-registered for the event! If you missed the pre-registration deadline, don’t worry: you can still register on-site with card of credit card (via Square) for $160. Registration includes breakfast both days, banquet dinner Saturday night, conference badge, access to all presentations, contests, events, and parties!

Capture the Flag

Competitive hacking and penetration testing event that runs throughout LayerOne 2016. No sign-ups or qualifications – play on-site and WIN. Full details on the Capture the Flag page.

(De)Obfuscation Contest

Develop a code-influenced drinking problem in this hacking competition based around reverse engineering, obfuscation, and obscure code paradigms. Full details on the Obfuscation Contest page.

Tamper-Evident Contest

Show off your tamper-evident hacking skills! Learn about tamper-evident physical security and integrity devices in this weekend-long contest. Full details on the Tamper-Evident Contest page.

Hebocon Robot Battles

Crush your opponents. Hopefully. Build the best worst robot you can in this tour de force robot battle! Full details on the HeboCon Robot Battles page.

Other events:

Hacking Workshop w/ Sam Bowne

Learn to hack all the things! A tour-de-force introduction to practical hacking and exploitation techniques with long-time LayerOne speaker and friend, Sam Bowne. Full details on the Hacking Workshop page.

Fail of Things

Celebrate the wonderful security of Internet of Things devices by dropping an 0day for the worst IoT device you can find! Full details on the Fail of Things page.

Demo Party

You’re given specific hardware with any number of restrictions – code size, available memory, processor speed. Your goal is to output audio and video that pushes the limits of what is considered possible with such limited hardware. More information available on the Demo Party page.

HAM Testing

Take your amateur HAM radio license tests at LayerOne! More information on the HAM Testing page.

Last Call for 2016 Online Pre-Registration!

Posted on 24 May 2016 (0)

You have just over 24 hours left to secure your spot at LayerOne 2016! Head over to the registration page and get your tickets now! Pre-registration gets you full access to the event, all presentations, contests, villages, and the Saturday Night party. Register now and save!

The LayerOne Staff

2016 Electronic Badge Sneak Peek

Posted on 20 May 2016 (0)

CharlieX and MMCA from Null Space Labs are back with another awesome badge design for 2016! Key features of this year’s badge:

* 5×4 WS2812B RGB LED matrix
* Programmable System on Chip (PSOC) 4
* Broken out PSOC4 IOs
* ESP8266 WiFi module with GPIO’s added to the PSOC4 so they can interact and the ESP8266 can be reset
* Mini breakout area
* 3.3V & Battery rails

Full build details and the story of the making of the 2016 electronic badge is available on CharlieX’s Hackaday project page. See the maiden voyage of the badge builds in the video below!

Don’t forget – you have until May 25th to save big on entry. Head over to the registration page and secure your tickets now! Pre-registration gets you full access to the event, all presentations, contests, villages, and the Saturday Night party.

The LayerOne Staff