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Training Spotlight: Hands-on DevOps Security and AppSec Automation

Posted on 20 April 2018 by operator (0)

Application Security is a critical piece of the DevOps puzzle. However, it is severely under-represented in the Continuous Delivery pipeline. Practitioners and Organizations run into problems with Application Security testing in the continuous delivery pipeline, often relying on very basic security tests to provide Application Security Assurance in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. You need a practical, repeatable and scalable way to deliver Application Security to your product across the Agile and DevOps lifecycle. In this workshop you will receive powerful hands on training on how you can implement scalable and effective security for rapid-release applications.

This course is intended for devops personnel, developers, QA testers, systems administrators, network administrators, and anyone else interested in learning about security automation in modern development and operational environments. This course focuses on the fundamentals of devops automation as is appropriate for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Seating is limited for training events. Don’t wait, register now!

View the training description to learn more about this training! Head to the Training page for more information about our 2018 training lineup!

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