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The First LayerOne (De)Obfuscation Contest!

Posted on 30 April 2014 by operator (0)

Announcing the first ever LayerOne (De)Obfuscation Contest! A CTF with a twist, the (De)Obfuscation Contest focuses on code analysis and reverse engineering of a variety of programming languages and file formats. Don’t see enough terrible code at work? Come participate in the (De)Obfuscation Contest! This contest is open to all LayerOne 2014 attendees. The contest website opens on Saturday, May 24th @ 1000 PDT (UTC-8) and runs until Sunday, May 25th @ 1400 PDT (UTC-8). More info available on the Obfuscation Contest page.

More information on the official LayerOne CTF (brought to you by DC949) coming soon!

The LayerOne Staff

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