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CTF Starts 10:00 AM Saturday, May 24th in the HACKING VILLAGE (ELAN room). This contest is restricted to on-site LayerOne attendees. No registration or qualification is necessary. The CTF network should be considered extremely hostile.

Verbatim contest description from DC949:

where’d the fuckin’ fun go?

hackers these days be like “yo son, I got myself an IRA roth. bitches be all over that roth, son. makin’ mad interest off that roth. you a dumb hagga if you even think about joining a company that ain’t givin’ you stock options. real talk from a rockstar. but for real, hit me up at my Black Hat class. I know you can, ’cause a real hagga can afford Black Hat.”

fuck that. you know what the best part of RSA is? trolling the drones. hacking the contests. stealing market information that the sales idiots really shouldn’t be leaking. there’s nothing more entertaining than social engineering one sales drone for a demo copy of software that bypasses an IDS, only to walk somewhere else in the circus of a sales-hall and handing it over to a very happy IDS vendor.

but ain’t that kind of the thing? the fun we get is from… y’know, hacking shit? not that “I got myself an arduino” sorta hacking, though (respect to the makers that make). I’m talking about “I used a dd one-liner to bypass DRM” hacking. I’m talking about “this botnet spammed my channel, so I trashed the botnet” hacking. I’m talking about the adrenaline-laden thrill of conquering complexity. fucking HACKING.

welcome to SKiD ROW. you don’t get paid. you don’t get rewarded. you get tossed in with the rest of the fuckers and hope– for your poor ego’s sake– that you come out on top– without getting rooted along the way. all you get is a scoreboard, some challenges, and a hostile network.

wanna beat the challenges? that’s cool. you’ll get points. wanna own the other competitors? that’s cool. you’ll get points. wanna win the competition? that’s cool. get the most points. but that’s all you get: bragging rights. bring a system and plug in.

we don’t fuck around. neither should you.