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LayerOne 2021 – Online Edition

Posted on 07 February 2021 (0)

Hi all,

LayerOne 2021 will be held on May 29-30, 2021!

Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions for large events in California and Los Angeles County, we’ve decided to host LayerOne virtually this year. We’ll be using a combination of Twitch TV and Discord to accommodate our various presentations, workshops, events, contests, and more! We’ll be announcing our Call for Papers and details of the various contests and events for 2021 soon – stay tuned!

Join our Discord!:
Follow our Twitch channel:

The LayerOne Staff

LayerOne 2020 is Cancelled : (

Posted on 17 March 2020 (0)

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current CDC timelines, we’ll be unable to host LayerOne 2020. We’re in the process of refunding all registrations but this may take a few days to process. We are reviewing if we’d like to do some of the contests or events in a virtual capacity, but for most of LayerOne this doesn’t make sense. Any virtual events we host will be free of charge and open to everyone to participate in.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s CFP/CFT, registered for the conference, or was volunteering for staff, contests, or events. You all make LayerOne great every year and we hope that you’re able to make it in 2021.

In the meantime: stay safe, healthy, and happy!

The LayerOne Staff

HAM Testing for LayerOne 2020!

Posted on 04 March 2020 (0)

Are you lonely?
Need someone to talk to?
Do discussions about volts, amps, watts, ohms, and high voltage excite you?
Are you a social outcast without a hope of ever finding companionship?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are probably already a ham. If you answered no to any of them, you probably aren’t a ham….but we can fix that!

Come ruin your social life the right way by taking the amateur radio exams at LayerOne! If you’re looking to upgrade (read: become even more uncool and/or lose your significant other) we can handle that for any amateur radio license class, too!

Sign up at THIS LINK and bring $14 (cash only) and two forms of ID (one should be a government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license). Testing takes places on Saturday, May 23 @ 18:00 in the Lockpicking Village.

Have you registered for LayerOne yet? Don’t wait, save $$$ on tickets by registering NOW! While you’re at it, don’t forget to get your hotel room at a discounted rate.

More announcements later this week!

The LayerOne Staff

2020 Tamper-Evident Contest!

Posted on 18 February 2020 (0)

The Tamper-Evident King of the hill challenge returns for 2020! This is a hands-on contest where attends attempt to defeat tamper-evident devices without leaving evidence. King of the Hill offers a variety of mechanical and adhesive seals to test your skills, As always, this year includes some new seals for even the most veteran King of the Hill players! Full contest rules on the Tamper Evident KotH page.

The LayerOne Tamper-Evident Contest runs from 10:00 Saturday to 14:00 Sunday! Have you booked your ticket for LayerOne 2020? Don’t wait, get your ticket now! While you’re at it, make sure to get your discounted hotel room via this direct booking link before discounts end on May 8th. Learn more about this year’s venue on the Venue page.

More details on this year’s speaking lineup and other contests coming soon!

The LayerOne Staff

2020 Standard Pre-Registration is Online!

Posted on 12 February 2020 (0)

Standard Pre-Registration is now available! Register before Apr 1st to get a discount. While you’re at it, make sure to get a discount on your hotel room with the direct booking link. More information about this year’s venue on the Venue page, hotel room discount ends on May 8th!

If you’re interested in speaking or offering training at this year’s event, don’t forget to submit to the Call for Papers or the Call for Training! For those interested in this year’s training courses, Training Registration opens late March after the Call for Trainings has ended.

More announcements coming soon!

The LayerOne Staff