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One week left for 2018 Early-Bird Training Discounts!

Posted on 25 April 2018 by operator (0)

Don’t forget! Early-bird discounts for 2018 Training ends on May 1st! Head over to the Registration page to book your tickets NOW!

Known for our extremely hands-on, “learn by doing” atmosphere, LayerOne offers full one day trainings on Friday, May 25th, 2018. Click on any training title below to see pricing and training information.

Hands-on Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Presented By: Geoffrey Janjua

This hands-on focused course is designed to get you started with penetration testing with guidance from a full-time penetration tester with 20+ years of technical experience. Covering the phases of exploitation, real-world attack strategies, effective use of Metasploit, and privilege escalation techniques. This course is a “must have” for anyone who is ready to jump start their career in penetration testing. Each student will receive a take home exploitation lab with 10 vulnerable targets to practice on, printed materials, cheatsheets, compiled exploits, and walkthroughs for each target. Learn more!

Let’s Be Bad Guys: Advanced Post-Exploitation and Blue Team Evasion

Presented By: Dan Tentler

This course is designed to up your quiet game. In the recent years, blue teams have grown complacent with new tools and telemetry. They don’t actively hunt unless a tool tells them a box is interesting. In this course, you will learn how to tunnel your comms, stand up C2 infrastructure to be misleading, encrypt you traffic, create diversions, and other escape and evasion techniques to hide from the blue team. This course focuses on hiding on the network as well as in the system. Both Linux and Windows operating systems will be targeted for this course.Learn more!

Hands-on DevOps Security and AppSec Automation

Presented By: Abhay Bhargav

Application Security is a critical piece of the DevOps puzzle. However, it is severely under-represented in the Continuous Delivery pipeline. Practitioners and Organizations run into problems with Application Security testing in the continuous delivery pipeline, often relying on very basic security tests to provide Application Security Assurance in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. You need a practical, repeatable and scalable way to deliver Application Security to your product across the Agile and DevOps lifecycle. In this workshop you will receive powerful hands on training on how you can implement scalable and effective security for rapid-release applications.Learn more!

OpenSOC Network Defense Simulation

Presented By: Eric Capuano

OpenSOC is a challenge meant to teach infosec professionals practical incident response skills in an environment that very closely resembles a real enterprise network. The virtual environment includes a scaled down version of almost everything you would find in an enterprise network to include workstations, servers, firewalls, email, web browsing, user activity, etc. Simulated users are actually browsing the Internet, downloading files, watching videos, and accessing LAN resources. This creates a high fidelity training environment for unleashing real-world attacks and testing a responder’s ability to filter out the noise and find malicious activity on the network. Learn more!

Android Reverse Engineering for Bug Bounties and Vulnerability Hunting

Presented By: Ben Actis

This hands-on training course is designed to form the foundation for reverse engineering Android applications. Taught by a veteran Mobile & IoT security expert, students will leave the class being able to identify common inner process communication mistakes, insecure storage calls, intercept & modify mobile traffic, insecure crypto & web activity invocations, core constructs of dalvik/smali assembly language and basic debugging capabilities. Anyone interested in bug bounties, mobile reversing or developers interested in how others would attack their mobile applications should take this course! Learn more!

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