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New for 2021: Cyber Gauntlet!

Posted on 25 May 2021 by operator (0)

New for 2021, the Cyber Gauntlet! Learn all about network security, network analysis, and more! Learn in a cooperative, hands-on environment with he fine folks at Aries Security. They are bringing both Packet Inspector and Packet Detective events to this year’s conference offerings:

The perfect introduction to network analysis, sniffing, and forensics. Do you want to understand the techniques people use to tap into a network, steal passwords and listen to conversations? Packet Inspector is the place to develop these skills! For well over a decade, the Packet Inspector contest has shown people how important it is to use end-to-end encryption to keep sensitive information like passwords private. Using a license of the world-famous Capture The Packet engine from Aries Security, we have created a unique way to teach hands-on skills in a controlled real-time environment. Come and play!

Looking to upgrade your skills or see how you would fare in Capture The Packet at DEF CON? Come check out what Packet Detective has to offer! A step up in difficulty from Packet Investigator, Packet Detective will put your network hunting abilities to the test with real-world scenarios at the intermediate level. Take the next step in your journey towards network mastery in a friendly learning-focused environment and take another step closer to preparing yourself for the competitive environment of Capture The Packet.

Sign up now for Cyber Gauntlet events at:! You can learn more about the Cyber Gauntlet and its events by joining the #cyber-gauntlet channel on Discord for more information! The Cyber Gauntlet is kindly sponsored by Aries Security.

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