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LayerOne 2023 Pre-Registration Closing Soon!

Posted on 20 May 2023 by operator (0)

LayerOne 2023 is coming up on May 27-28 at the Pasadena Hilton hotel! If you or your friends haven’t registered yet, do so before May 26 to save on admission! Register now on the Registration Page

LayerOne 2023
May 27-28, 2023

Why should I attend?

Our focus is on learning, fun, and friends. LayerOne offers some of the most unique and interesting hands-on areas you’ll ever see at a conference. Come learn about hacking, technology, security, and more without the high price tag or long lines.

Interested in learning more about these areas? Interested in networking with other like-minded folks? Interested in meeting some of the best and brightest in the information security world? Then LayerOne is for you!

How do I register for the event?

Head over to to get yourself pre-registered for the event. Registration is available on-site but costs more – register online now to save some money! Registration includes access to both days of the event, an electronic badge, breakfast on both days, and a banquet dinner on Saturday night.

2023 Speaker Lineup

  • Alex Lynd – DNS DriveBy: Stealthy GPS Tracking Using Open Wi-Fi
  • Bronwen Aker (Corvus) – Why Developers Hate Cybersecurity
  • Cesi0 – Flipper Zero: Annoying Tesla Owners Since 2021
  • Davie – Jurassic Passwords: No Thesaurus Necessary
  • doctor_tran – Hacking HR
  • Joe Rozner – Phishing, FIDO, and the Future of AuthN
  • Jon King (jk) – Intro to Memory Corruption and ROP
  • machinist – My Laptop Dreams of Polydactyl Sheep: Deep Learning Image Generation for Fun and Profit
  • Miguel A. Calles – Costly Findings in Serverless Computing
  • Nathaniel Singer – Interpret This! Hunting for Bugs in the Python Interpreter
  • wasabi – Eye Feel Fine: Modern Smart Camera Security
  • z0rro & museifu – ESXicution

More details on the Speaker page!

Contests and Events

LayerOne is known for being the most hands-on conference around. We want you to learn and socialize by doing! Full details for each event on Events page!

Hands-on villages:

  • Lockpicking Village
  • Hardware Hacking Village
  • Hacking & CTF Village
  • Chillout / Gaming Area
  • RaiseMe Career Village

Contests & Events:

  • Capture the Flag (CTF)
  • The Intercept (Hardware CTF)
  • Hebocon Robot Battles
  • Tamper-Evident Contest
  • Demo Party
  • (Electronic) Badge Hacking Contest
  • HAM Certification Testing

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you in May!

The LayerOne Staff

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