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LayerOne 2013 was awesome!

Posted on 30 May 2013 by operator (0)

Thanks to everyone who came out for LayerOne 2013! Whether you were watching talks, badge hacking, picking locks, or tearing your hear out in the Tamper-Evident Contest, everyone agreed: LayerOne 2013 was great! Special thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and staff for helping make this the most memorable LayerOne yet. We hope to see you all again next year for another great conference!

If you have any photos, videos, or articles about this year’s event please send them our way! Here’s some photos from this year’s event:

The fully built 2013 badge:

Nz0’s badge:

Attendees hard at work in the Hardware Hacking Village:

Building this year’s electronic badge:

Scorche giving a mini-talk in the Lockpicking Village:

John Norman giving a presentation on Hardware Reverse Engineering:

Getting ready for Arko’s balloon launch:

Judging of the Tamper-Evident contest:

Lounging by the pool:

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