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Hebocon: Robot Battles!

Posted on 09 March 2015 by operator (0)

Hebocon is a Robotic Battle for those on an extreme budget. Originating in Japan, it pits poorly constructed robots, modified electric toys and last-minute creations against one another in a Sumo-style arena. Sound awesome? It is. Watch this video for a quick introduction to this sport of kings:

LayerOne 2015 is proud to announce our very own Hebocon Battle Royale graciously hosted by Trent of Mag Laboratory. We hope to see the best of your worst robo-sumo submissions! Contest will be held on Sunday, May 24th in the pool area (exact time to be announced soon). Full details are available on the contest page.

Don’t forget, the Hardware-Hacking Village will be fully stocked for all your last-minute robot needs.

The LayerOne Staff

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