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Posted on 28 April 2011 by operator (0)

This year we’re committed to getting attendees sleeves rolled up and making sure they can sit down and tinker with lots of awesome stuff. The Lockpicking Village is returning and will be better than ever. In addition to having lots of practice locks and a high security lock showcase, there will be a number of talks and workshops from locksport rockstars like Schuyler Towne, Deviant Ollam, Jon King, and Scorche. There will also be a number of lockpicking competitions throughout the weekend sponsored by TOOOL USA and Locksport International.

Details of the Hardware Hacking Village have also been posted, including a sneak peek at the LayerOne 2011 attendee badge; a small, hackable synthesizer! Sponsored by Null Space Labs, the HHV will have a number of volunteers on hand to help you get your badge working, along with a few other projects that involve blinky lights, logic analyzers, and turning off pesky TVs from far away. Come get your solder on and drop next-level beats while doing so.

Last but not least, spots in the Tamper Evident contest are filling up fast! Sign up before it’s too late.

Hope to see you all in May,
The LayerOne Staff

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