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Capture the Flag 2021!

Posted on 07 April 2021 by operator (0)

Capture the Flag is back! This year’s contest is graciously hosted by the folks over at Qualcomm. The game will use a Jeopardy style board with challenges. This contest is for both beginners and experienced CTFers. Challenges will span many domains including web hacking, system hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, and crypto. Registration is open to all, no qualifications necessary. You can follow the CTF team on twitter at @LayerOneCTF for clues and additional information.

REMINDER! The 2021 Call for Papers ends on April 15th – get your talk submission in before then.

Don’t forget to join our Discord server if you haven’t already – make new friends, learn new things!

Please share with anyone you think would be interested in LayerOne!

The LayerOne Staff

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