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LayerOne 2014

Presenter: Daniel Zolnikov

Topic: Privacy and Policy

Presenter: Gleep

Topic: Reverse Engineering 101

Presenter: KRS, CharlieX, MMCA

Topic: Making of the LayerOne 2014 Badge

Presenter: Robert Wood

Topic: Next Generation Red Teaming

Presenter: Kevin Dick, Matt Mosley

Topic: Bug Bounty Extortion

Presenter: Matthew Hoy, John Stauffacher

Topic: Are You a Janitor or a Cleaner?

Presenter: Robert Rowley

Topic: Detecting and Defending Against State Actor Surveillance

Presenter: Kunal Anand

Topic: Beyond the Perimeter: The reality of the new application security landscape

Presenter: Sam Bowne

Topic: Violent Python & the Antivirus Scam

Presenter: Boris Sverdlik

Topic: You’re HIPAA certified and Bob just killed someone from the parking lot

Presenter: Machinist

Topic: 3D Printing Our Way to Skynet

Presenter: Ghostwood

Topic: You’ve been DDoSed- it’s not a joke anymore!

Presenter: Schuyler Towne

Topic: Lockpicking in Popular Media