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2013 Speaker Lineup Announced!

Posted on 09 April 2013 by operator (0)

First and foremost: thank you to everyone who submitted a talk to this year’s Call for Papers! We had a lot of great submissions but in the end this is the speaker lineup for LayerOne 2013. There’s a great variety of topics this year, ranging from physical and digital security to cognitive enhancement, social engineering, and even DIY space exploration! You can pre-register and save money on entry to the conference on the Registration page.

Arko – Near Space Exploration
Sam Bowne – Data Evaporation on SSDs (plus DoS)
CHRIS – Improving Social Engineering Campaigns with Narrative Construction
Ghostwood – You have been DDoSed so what? – Two years later
Trevor Hearn, Noah Schiffman – The Dark Arts of OSINT
Jon King – Differential Cryptanalysis for Dummies
Tim Krugh, Christian Mergliano, Robby Spengler – WRCCDC: A Blue Team Perspective
John Norman – Hardware Reverse Engineering 101
Robert R. – Teaching Your WAF New Tricks
Ruphos – Cognitive Enhancement: Drugs, Electricity and Bullshit
Jimmy Shah, David Shaw, Matthew McDevitt – Discovering Dark Matter: Towards better Android Malware Heuristics
Dan Tentler – The Architects Room: What goes on when Neo isn’t getting lectured
Schuyler Towne – Long Lost Locks: The X-Patents

You can see full details of each talk and the bios of each speaker on the Speakers page!

More details on the venue, contests, and villages coming soon!

The LayerOne Staff

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