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Training Spotlight: Red Teaming as a Service

Posted on 24 April 2019 by operator (0)

This hands-on focused course is designed to teach you how to hack like a pro and take down large networks! Learn the basics of red-teaming, penetration testing, and vulnerability analysis from two industry experts! This training covers: system and network recon, intel gathering, vulnerability identification and analysis, system exploitation, pivoting, privilege escalation, and more!

This course is intended for penetration testers, security analysts, security administrators, network administrators with a security focus, and anyone else interested in learning about offensive reconnaissance and exploitation techniques used by red teams and black hats. This course focuses on the fundamentals of penetration testing and ethical hacking as is appropriate for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Seating is limited for training events. Don’t wait, register now!

View the training description to learn more about this training! Head to the Training page for more information about this year’s training lineup!

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