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Training Spotlight: Let’s Be Bad Guys: Advanced Post-Exploitation and Blue Team Evasion

Posted on 23 April 2018 by operator (0)

This course is designed to up your quiet game. In the recent years, blue teams have grown complacent with new tools and telemetry. They don’t actively hunt unless a tool tells them a box is interesting. In this course, you will learn how to tunnel your comms, stand up C2 infrastructure to be misleading, encrypt you traffic, create diversions, and other escape and evasion techniques to hide from the blue team. This course focuses on hiding on the network as well as in the system. Both Linux and Windows operating systems will be targeted for this course.

The target audience for this training are people who do attack as a living and want to increase their chances of staying undetected longer, as well as defenders that wish to learn the tricks the attackers are using. Students should already be familiar with tools like Empire and Metasploit, they should feel at home at the Linux command line, and should have experience attacking or defending already. This is not a course for beginners!

Seating is limited for training events. Don’t wait, register now!

View the training description to learn more about this training! Head to the Training page for more information about our 2018 training lineup!

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