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Tamper-Evident Contest & Village!

Posted on 05 March 2013 by operator (0)

The Tamper-Evident Contest returns to LayerOne for another year of hijinks! In this contest each team is given a container sealed with a variety of tamper-evident protections. The goal is to open and reseal the container and its contents without leaving evidence of entry.

This is one of the most challenging security contests you’ll ever do. It tests both knowledge and application of chemistry, cryptography, reverse engineering, lockpicking, counterfeitting, and much more. Teamwork, planning, and patience are equally important, but in the end only one team of operators will be victorious! For more information on the Tamper-Evident Contest see the contest rules and hints.

LayerOne 2013 will also be the first year we have a Tamper-Evident Village. This is a special area of the conference where attendees can watch experienced attackers explain and demonstrate attacks on real world tamper-evident seals. Come learn how commercial seals used in cargo transportation, food safety, quality assurance, anti-counterfeitting, and information integrity are defeated through a variety of techniques!

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