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Tamper Evident Contest Returns!

Posted on 07 February 2012 by operator (0)

The Tamper Evident contest returns for another year of crazy fun! Read the contest details and sign up if you have what it takes to tamper with the best of them:

    We’ve all used a tamper-evident device before; “tamper proof” shipping tape, medecine bottles, evidence bags, padlock seals, and so on. How secure are these technologies and how can they can be beaten? The goal of this contest is to test your skills against these technologies, particularly tamper-evident or “tamper-proof” containers, adhesives, and mechanical or electronic seals.

More information and sign-up instructions are available on the Contest Page. Remember, this contest has extremely limited space. Sign up early to make sure your team gets to play. Looking forward to all the crazy stuff the teams bring this year!

LayerOne Staff

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