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LayerOne 2023 Speaking Lineup!

Posted on 13 May 2023 by operator (0)

Speaking schedule and details are up! Check out 2023 Schedule and 2023 Speakers – Still time to register if you haven’t already! Register now! What talk are you most looking forward to?

2023 Speaker Lineup:

  • Alex Lynd – DNS DriveBy: Stealthy GPS Tracking Using Open Wi-Fi
  • Bronwen Aker (Corvus) – Why Developers Hate Cybersecurity
  • Cesi0 – Flipper Zero: Annoying Tesla Owners Since 2021
  • Davie – Jurassic Passwords: No Thesaurus Necessary
  • doctor_tran – Hacking HR
  • Joe Rozner – Phishing, FIDO, and the Future of AuthN
  • Jon King (jk) – Intro to Memory Corruption and ROP
  • machinist – My Laptop Dreams of Polydactyl Sheep: Deep Learning Image Generation for Fun and Profit
  • Miguel A. Calles – Costly Findings in Serverless Computing
  • Nathaniel Singer – Interpret This! Hunting for Bugs in the Python Interpreter
  • wasabi – Eye Feel Fine: Modern Smart Camera Security
  • z0rro & museifu – ESXicution

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