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LayerOne 2016 was awesome!

Posted on 02 June 2016 by operator (0)

LayerOne 2016 was awesome! We got great feedback about the extra breathing space in the new hotel, the new Fail of Things event, Sam Bowne’s Hacking Workshop, and of course all of our regular events. How did you like everything this year? Please send us any feedback you have about the new hotel, presentations, villages, contests, and parties to contact{@} or via Twitter @Layer_One!

Thank you to all of this year’s attendees, speakers, staff, and our amazing sponsors. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Some photos from the events:

Amit Serper’s talk about OSX adware. Shrugging off anti-reversing protections all day.

Lots of exotic, high security locks in the Lockpicking Village.

Char and Pixel in the Lockpicking Village!

@cyber_viss unleashed.

The winning entries in the Tamper-Evident King of the Hill contest.

Great food and great company at the Saturday Night banquet dinner & Casino Night!

Winning big at this year’s Casino Night!

Glorious, sorta-functional robotic combat at the Hebocon Robot Battle Royale.

Chilling out with some Genie (1979) pinball in the Chillout Room.

Obligatory Hammer Jenga tournament, courtesy of the World Hammer Jenga Association (WHJA).

The LayerOne Staff

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