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First Round of Speakers!

Posted on 24 March 2014 by operator (0)

We’re proud to announce the first round of speakers for LayerOne 2014:

Gleep – Reverse Engineering 101
Daniel Zolnikov – Privacy and Policy, Fighting an Uphill Battle
Robert Rowley – Detecting and Defending Against State-Actor Surveillance
Matthew Hoy / John Stauffacher – Are you a Janitor, or a Cleaner?
KRS – The Making of the 2014 Badge
Robert Wood – Next Generation Red Teaming
Matt Mosley / Kevin Dick – Bug Bounty Extortion

Details for each speaker and their talks will be posted on the Speakers page soon! If you want to speak at LayerOne 2014, you have one week left to submit something. You can find instructions for how to submit a talk on the Call For Papers page.

Don’t forget to pre-register for the conference, and get your hotel room discounted before the offer ends on May 9th!

The LayerOne Staff

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