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2021 CFP is closed!

Posted on 16 April 2021 (0)

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Call for Papers! We really appreciate your contributions to this year’s event in spite of these crazy times we’re going through. We’ll be reviewing all the submissions in the next few days and sending out our first round of acceptance emails shortly! In the meantime, try […]

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LayerOne 2021 Call for Papers coses TONIGHT!

Posted on 15 April 2021 (0)

This is the last call for submissions to the LayerOne 2021 Call for Papers! The CFP closes TONIGHT (April 15th) at 23:59 Pacific. Submit your talk before then via:! We’ll be making our selections and replying to everyone who submitted over the weekend! Sincerely, The LayerOne Staff

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The Intercept 2021 – Qualifiers LIVE!

Posted on 13 April 2021 (0)

We got some new toys here in the lab, but there’s something a bit off about them. We’ve noticed they don’t seem to be doing what the manufacturers described – could we be victims of supply chain attack? The lab monkeys are hard to understand (all that techno-mumbo-jumbo), but they’re saying the devices seem to […]

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Capture the Flag 2021!

Posted on 07 April 2021 (0)

Capture the Flag is back! This year’s contest is graciously hosted by the folks over at Qualcomm. The game will use a Jeopardy style board with challenges. This contest is for both beginners and experienced CTFers. Challenges will span many domains including web hacking, system hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, and crypto. Registration is open to […]

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2021 CFP Extended to Apr 15th

Posted on 01 April 2021 (0)

Due to some technical difficulties on our end, the 2021 Call for Papers deadline has been extended to April 15th, 2021! As always, we look forward to all of your awesome submissions – please get them in before the 15th! Due to the global pandemic, LayerOne 2021 is being held virtually on Discord and Twitch. […]

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LayerOne 2021 Call for Papers

Posted on 02 March 2021 (0)

Spread the word, the 2021Call for Papers has been released! We look forward to all of your awesome submissions again this year. Please read all the details and get your submissions in before the deadlines! Stay tuned for more LayerOne 2021 announcements! Sincerely, The LayerOne Staff

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LayerOne 2021 – Online Edition

Posted on 07 February 2021 (0)

Hi all, LayerOne 2021 will be held on May 29-30, 2021! Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions for large events in California and Los Angeles County, we’ve decided to host LayerOne virtually this year. We’ll be using a combination of Twitch TV and Discord to accommodate our various presentations, workshops, events, contests, and more! We’ll […]

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LayerOne 2020 is Cancelled : (

Posted on 17 March 2020 (0)

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current CDC timelines, we’ll be unable to host LayerOne 2020. We’re in the process of refunding all registrations but this may take a few days to process. We are reviewing if we’d like to do some of the contests or events in a virtual capacity, but […]

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HAM Testing for LayerOne 2020!

Posted on 04 March 2020 (0)

Are you lonely? Need someone to talk to? Do discussions about volts, amps, watts, ohms, and high voltage excite you? Are you a social outcast without a hope of ever finding companionship? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are probably already a ham. If you answered no to any of them, […]

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2020 Tamper-Evident Contest!

Posted on 18 February 2020 (0)

The Tamper-Evident King of the hill challenge returns for 2020! This is a hands-on contest where attends attempt to defeat tamper-evident devices without leaving evidence. King of the Hill offers a variety of mechanical and adhesive seals to test your skills, As always, this year includes some new seals for even the most veteran King […]

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