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LayerOne 2011

Presenter: Evan Booth
Topic: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife: Residential security and monitoring, the bottom line
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Evan Booth – Residential Security and Monitoring
Presenter: Schuyler Towne
Topic: History of Locksport: 1800 – 1900
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Schuyler Towne – The Great Lock Debacle
Presenter: Sam Bowne
Topic: Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Sam Bowne – Layer 7 DoS
Presenter: David Bryan
Topic: Building the DEFCON network
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – David Bryan – Building the Defcon Network
Presenter: Ghostwood
Topic: You’ve been DDoSed – so what?
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Gh0stwood – DDoS Attacks
Presenter: Krs
Topic: Hackerspace Electronics: Nub to Ninja in under a year
Slides: none
Presenter: Joe McCray
Topic: You spent all that money and you still got 0wned?!?!
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Joe McCray – You spent all that money and still got 0wned
Presenter: Merlin
Topic: Oroboros for daemon lovers
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Merlin Corey – Ouroboros
Presenter: Kevin Nassery
Topic: Security prioritization in large organizations
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Kevin Nassery – Security Prioritization
Presenter: John Norman
Topic: DIY access control systems
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – John Arclight – DIY Access Control Systems
Presenter: Petty Larceny
Topic: Impact of disasters on personal security
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Petty Larceny – Impact of Disasters on Personal Security
Presenter: Robert Rowley
Topic: Securing web applications for system administrators
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Robert Rowley – WebApp Security
Presenter: Jimmy Shah
Topic: Mobile App Moolah: Profit taking with mobile malware
Slides: LayerOne 2011 – Jimmy Shah – Mobile App Moolah

Photos & Media
LayerOne 2011 Facebook photo gallery
Vissago’s photos
Gabe Lawrence’s photos
CharlieX’s photos
Video of the speaker badges by KRS

Please contact us if you have any photos or write-ups of the conference! Also shoot us some mail to let us know what you thought of Layer One 2011, the contests, the villages, the talks, the parties, and how we can make all of them better for next year.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, we hope to see you all again in 2012!