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2024 Speaker Lineup!

Posted on 28 April 2024 by operator (0)

LayerOne is proud to announce the 2024 speaker lineup! We hope you enjoy this year’s diverse set of talks focusing on a variety of technical topics and cyber security disciplines! As always, LayerOne hosts a single track speaking schedule to ensure that you’re able to see all the talks you want to without long lines or having to choose between two great talks.

Alex Useche – Pragmatic Program Analysis – Demystifying Static Analysis for Security Research
Angelina Tsuboi (G4LXY) – Reverse Engineering Satellite Communications
Bronwen Aker (Corvus) – LLM Prompt Engineering: A Toolkit for Hackers and Other Geeks
cesi0 – My Pal Rubeus
Daryll Strauss – Kubernetes Security — What not to do
Davie – Automating DNS-01 The Less Lazy Way (with acme-dns)
Jack Baker – Evil ELFs and Dishonest DWARFs – Breaking Analysis Tools using Malicious Symbols
Kody Kinzie – Beginner Microcontroller Education: Teach Ethical Hacking On A Budget
Merlin Corey – SOARing Snakes: Python for Security Orchestration Automation and Response
Nathaniel Singer – Introduction to RF Demodulation
Sanjana Sarda (meap) – Everything Wrong with “AI” Security
vyrus – The Silver Bullet Ecosystem and You!

You can read full details of each talk by clicking the links above or by visiting the Speaker page!

You have until May 1st to get a discount on LayerOne 2024 registration! Head over to the registration page to get your Early Bird tickets now!

Looking for hotel accommodations? We get a special rate from the conference hotel that is available until May 3rd. Book your hotel room now with this discount link.

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