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Building and Maintaining Secure Active Directory Environments

Early Bird Registration: $975 USD (Ends May 1st, 2019)
Standard Registration: $1250 (Ends May 18th, 2019)
On-site Registration: $1600 USD

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Some of the most common vulnerabilities identified by penetration testers and red teams are poorly configured enterprise networks. Often it is not some expertly crafted 0-day that causes a security breach, but a simple misconfiguration that leaves your company and customer information wide open to attackers. A major component of modern enterprise security is the proper congfiguration of your networks via Microsoft’s Active Directory.

This course will introduce students to the concepts, skills, and techniques required to build and secure Active Directory environments. Trainees will work hands-on with a large number of practical labs to learn about, identify, and fix common misconfigurations and security holes. While primarily a blue-team course, this course also has obvious benefit for penetration testers, red teams, and others with an interest in enterprise security!

Topics covered in this training:

  • Introduction to Active Directory Concepts
  • Active Directory Privileged Groups
  • Auditing Active Directory with PowerShell
  • Implementing Least Privilege in Active Directory
  • Group Policies for server and computer administration
  • Audit Policies
  • Securing Active Directory with Windows Firewall
  • Basics of Kerberos

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is intended for penetration testers, red teams, security analysts, system administrators, security administrators, DevOps engineers, and anyone else interested in learning about Active Directory security. This course is appropriate for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Student Requirements

Students must have a laptop with virtualization software (Virtualbox/VMWare Workstation) and at least 40GB of drive space free. A basic understanding of Active Directory, PowerShell, Group Policies, and authentication concepts is helpful but not required.

What Will Students Be Provided With?

Students will be provided with a virtual machine containing a pre-built Active Directory lab as well as digital copies of all class materials.


Hudson Bush is a Senior Information Security Architect at K2 Solutions, Inc. in Southern California. When not homebrewing, Hudson spends his time assisting small and medium businesses with securing their businesses.

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