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InfoSec Industry Panel Q&A

The InfoSec Industry Panel is a live Q&A session where audience members can ask questions to a panel of information security professionals with many years of experience between them. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask security professionals open questions on their careers, the security industry, and anything in between! This year’s panel is focused on red teaming, penetration testing, exploit development, and other offense-related industry positions.

The InfoSec Career Panel takes place on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 3:00 PM in the Lockpicking Village.

Panelist Bios

Geoffrey Janjua is the founder of Exumbra Operations Group is a former US DoD civilian with 12+ years of operational field experience conducting offensive computer operations. Specializing in computer exploitation, technical operations, and covert-entry. He is currently conducting full-scope penetration testing, vulnerability research and exploit development of high-value products for a Fortune 500 company, has identified multiple zero-days, and holds many security related industry certifications to include OSCP, GPEN, CEPT, CPT, ECSA, CEH, and CRT..

Fotis Chantzis (@ithilgore) is a principal information security engineer at Mayo Clinic, where he manages and conducts technical vulnerability assessments on medical devices and clinical support systems as well as penetretation tests and red team engagements on the network. Fotis has over 10 years of experience in the information security industry, which includes time spent researching network protocol vulnerabilities and developing security tools. He has been a contributor to the Nmap project since 2009, when he wrote the Ncrack network authentication cracking tool, which he still maintains, and has published a video course on “Mastering Nmap”. His research on network security includes exploiting the TCP Persist Timer (published on Phrack #66) and inventing a new stealthy port scanning technique by abusing the popular XMPP. His most recent research focus has been on medical device & IoT security.

Justin Bui (@slyd0g) is an Operator at SpecterOps and has experience performing penetration tests, red team engagements and web application assessments. He is passionate about all things security and helping organizations improve their security posture. Justin enjoys writing code, developing offensive tools and blogging security stuff at

Vyrus (@vyrus001) has been associated with a variety of subjectively nefarious entities and or projects that include but are not limited to, OCTF, Thotcon, BsidesLV, HOPE, BlackHat, BalcCon, LayerOne, ShmooCon, Ceaser’s Challange, You Shot The Sharif, BerlinSides, Bsides Knoxville, and ToorCamp. While almost the entirety of his skillet is still hidden from public disclosure, he has been implicated, though never charged, in over a dozen other confidence schemes and frauds.