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We try to answer questions as quickly as possible, but try looking here first to see if we already have.

1. I’m in the military. If I pre-register now and then get deployed, can I get a refund?

Yes. We’re supporters of our military and fully understand if you can’t attend our conference because you got shipped to the sandbox.

2. I just didn’t make it, can I get a refund?

No. Conferences are expensive to put on and we need what little cash we have to pay for it. Unless there was a major mitigating circumstance (see above), we don’t give refunds.

3. What payment options are there?

When pre-registration is open you can register for the conference via Pay Pal, or pay with a credit/debit card. At the show you can pay in cash or via Square. We don’t take checks and/or money orders, as both take too long to verify. Finally, all prices are in US Dollars. No euros, pesos, rupees, or lecks will be accepted.

4. I belong to a school/business/group, can we get a group discount?

Yes, but you need to work it out with us in advance. Contact us at [email protected] with your information. We understand that being a student equates to being broke all the time, so if you can get some classmates to attend we will get you taken care of. If you are a business and want to send a group, contact us so we can work out a volume discount for you. If you are part of a hobbyist club such as a LUG or developer group, we’d love to have your group attend as well.

5. Do speakers get paid?

Sadly, as of right now we do not pay an honorarium to speakers, nor can we pick up your airfare or hotel. While we are growing in size, we currently do not have the amount of cash we would need to pay for our speakers to come to our conference

6. I live in a country that requires US sponsorship to enter the States, can LayerOne sponsor me as a speaker or attendee?

No. Sorry, while we do understand that there are legitimate people asking this question, there are a lot of crooks asking as well. Several conferences we know of have sponsored people to get into this country only to have them never arrive at the conference. As we say, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the barrel.

7. So, why should I speak at LayerOne if I don’t get paid for it?

Thats simple, you should speak at LayerOne because we are giving you the venue to talk with your peers. This is an opportunity to discuss research you are working on, or to teach a room full of people a skill you excel at. We are members of the security community and are dedicated to helping the community learn and grow. Being a smaller conference this is also a good chance to ‘test the waters’ with an idea you may have, or maybe a talk thats too niche for some of the massive conferences. Regardless, we are providing a venue for you, us, and our peers to interact on